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Prints, gallery wrapped canvases and metals are available for purchase for all my photos. Sizes available will vary, depending on the print you choose. Additional sizes such as panoramic or square are available as well for most photos. If you choose one of these options, the photo will be resized, and you can control the crop that you'd like for each photo. Most of my photos are cropped to a 3:2 ratio such as 8 x 12, 12 x 18, 16 x 24, which work perfectly with standard mats and frames. The photos have been artistically cropped to fit those dimensions perfectly. If there's a size or a product that you'd like that's not listed, send me a message!

To purchase, choose the "buy" button on the bottom right of the photo you'd like to purchase, which will open another window with your product choices. From there, just add it to the cart, and SmugMug will take care of the check-out and shipping. 

My Coasters are the only product that must be purchased through me. Each coaster set contains 4 images that I choose that compliment each other, in varying themes. The photos will be printed on a pearl metallic paper and each coaster is a high quality, 1/4 inch acrylic. Each set of four comes with a black acrylic holder. If you find a set you'd like to purchase, just send me a message with the name of the set. Each set is $35 plus shipping. Shipping costs depend on the number of coaster sets and the distance shipped.

All prints are available for purchase and licensing. 

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